Luxury Mattress Collection 

Firm & Soft, Our Intellibed Mattresses in Bend, Oregon Let You Sleep Better Than Ever

When you take a solid wood bed frame from our bedroom furniture collection and layer it with one of the best mattresses on the market, you set yourself up for an incredible night’s sleep, every night. What’s the best mattress for back support that offers both firm and soft where your body needs it most? Our Intellibed mattresses in Bend, Oregon offer all the benefits of a firm mattress while delivering the comfort, relaxation, and deep sleep of a soft mattress. Made using a highly developed and well tested gel matrix, Intellibed mattresses are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Not only do these luxury mattresses leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated, but they’re also excellent mattresses for allergies, sleep disorders, and lower back pain. 


To experience on one of our Intellibed mattresses and feel the kind of pressure relieving bed that’s going to give you night after night of deep, uninterrupted sleep, stop by our Comfort Store and ask about our luxury mattresses..

Hypoallergenic, Non Toxic & Designed For Sleep - The Best Mattresses Go Above & Beyond

Thanks to the non toxic materials used to create the internal gel matrix of an Intellibed mattress, you can trust that these luxury gel mattresses are hypoallergenic and allergy free from the inside out. With no off-gassing and zero chemicals to worry about, these firm and soft mattresses offer a foundation of all natural support beneath our plush bedding, linens, and pillows. Revolutionary, supportive, and accompanied by a 20 year warranty, Intellibed mattresses are the intelligent choice for sweet sleep year after year.   


To learn more about the design, materials, and benefits of these non toxic, back supporting mattresses, or to ask about our lineup of Intellibed mattresses for sale in Bend, OR, give our Comfort Store a call now.