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Comfort Store

1320 NW Galveston Ave. Bend, OR 97703


HOURS   MON - FRI 10-5    SAT 11-4

Luxurious Comfort Sleeper Sofas, Linens

& Intellibed Mattresses in Bend, Oregon

With our Home Store keeping us rooted, our Comfort Store is where we reach into the ether and expanse of our Pacific Northwest surroundings. It’s also where we enter a realm of American Leather Comfort Sleeper sofas and reclining furniture that fit seamlessly into your home to create the 5-star guest experience you’ve been imagining. And where you’ll encounter luxe bedding and bed sheets, velvety skincare and handcrafted home spa products, handwoven natural linens, and other fine treasures. To relax into the organic elements of our Comfort Store, and fold their tranquility into your home, stop by and enjoy a cup of tea with us at our furniture store in Bend, Oregon today.

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