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Interior Design, With a Bird's Eye View

“A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually.” - Interior Designer | John Saladino

At Bend Furniture & Design, we are passionate about offering sustainable North American made furniture from brands we trust and love. The process of transforming the home you live in, into the dwelling you envisioned, is the best reward. Within the breadth of our highly curated offerings (which include over 50 North American furniture brands,)  maneuver from concept to realization in a meaningful and lasting way.  

Through our interior design process, we help you navigate and interpret the experience of your home on a micro and macro level—because the coordinated pieces in an environment are what make the atmosphere. We want you to seamlessly experience the spaces of your home individually, as well as in a broader, holistic context.

Getting to Know You & Your Home: 

What You Can Expect From Our Interior Design Process


                            Here’s what you can expect from our inclusive, comfort-inspired interior design process :


  • Lifestyle Exploration: We want to get to know you, your days and your dreams. Choosing the right furniture and decor for your home is all about articulating your style and your needs. Whether you're after family friendly furniture for the living room, or a flowing layout for your own personal bedroom sanctuary, our team is here to listen.  

  • Furniture & Decor Translation: At Bend Furniture & Design we are, more or less, translators. You communicate your style, goals, and vision, and we work with you to arrive at the kind of furniture, colors, textures, home decor, and home layout that best tell your narrative.

  • In Home Measurement & Design Conceptualization: For us, one of the most integral pieces of the interior design process is getting to experience your home. When we visit in person and feel the space of your home firsthand, we are better able to determine the logistics of layout, lighting, and dimensions. In other words, your home has a personality and energy all its own, and we want to be in conversation with both while moving through the design process. With measuring tape in hand and an eye towards efficient home design, we jot down the numbers, consider your home as a whole, and take the guesswork and anxiety out of getting your furniture selection and furniture scale just right. 

  • Space Planning & Digital Floor Planning: From choosing the right end table height to match your sectional sofa, to designing the continuity of a room, to taking the bird’s eye view in order to maximize home space, our digital floor and space planning services leave no stone unturned. The end goal? How a room looks and feels from every angle.  

  • Color & Texture Palette Customization: Here we combine your preferences and input with our expertise and experience, and arrive at the colors, patterns, and textural building blocks of your home’s narrative.  

  • User Experience: What’s an area rug if it looks better than it feels beneath your feet? Why choose a dresser or credenza if it doesn't offer the high quality experience of one made from solid wood? Through the use of top quality furniture and hand crafted decor, our interior design services focus on enhancing the overall user experience of your home.

  • Budgeting Goals & Project Scopes: If you have a budget in mind, we have a way forward. From buying a single, timeless piece of bedroom furniture, to redesigning a living room, to furnishing an entire home, we offer approachable pricing for a range of project scopes.  


Need expert interior design advice, help furnishing a house from scratch, or trusted color palette insight? Give us a call, or stop by our modern furniture store in Bend, OR today. 


To view some of the projects we're proud of, take a look at our Design Portfolio

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