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Color Palettes: Key for Harmony

Achieve totally livable rooms by creating harmony between your furnishings and objects. Together we'll create great, functional spaces with an integrated color palette.  

When looking for inspiration for color and design, take a walk outdoors.  Central Oregon’s geological surroundings offer a vast palette of color and texture to bring indoors. Incredible vistas, stunning topography and beautiful natural materials offer inspiration for designing your spaces.

Magnificent rock formations which exist in the High Desert offer great depth & a variety of color. Inspiration can be drawn from these elements to create a color scheme within a room. Consider deeper earth tones in flat shades and subtle textures - deep browns, grays, copper and sage green.

Visit Bend Furniture & Design and see how together, we will create a fresh approach to your interior spaces.  We offer furnishings from classic to contemporary design built by North American craftsmen. This includes Oregon manufacturers...our favorite!

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